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Vision mission

Company Mission:

Committed to the clean and efficient use of renewable resources, so that more people enjoy green power.


Company Vision:

Become the world's leading supplier of new solar energy equipment.


Core Value:

Sincere and pragmatic (personality and attitude):

Employees: To be honest and honest with colleagues, to be responsible, to be pragmatic, to tell the truth, not to deceive, not to be exaggerated, not to be too high.

Leadership: Requires responsible persons at all levels to treat people to tell the truth and keep promises. They must be realistic about the subordinates and the higher authorities, and do so; do not violate the mind, do not conceal, do not exaggerate, do not shirk responsibility.



Rigorous openness (strategy and approach to doing things):

Employees: Strictly and seriously treat everything, every assignment, every task, every change, and everyone, pragmatic cooperation, open and enterprising.

Leadership: Lead by example, be rigorous and pragmatic, unite and cooperate, innovate and open; speak democracy, debate more, don't talk, don't hesitate, don't complain, don't protect backwardness.


Create the future together (the purpose and standard of success):

Employees: Weaving together to create a beautiful, sustainable, and win-win future.

Leadership: Create sustainable value for customers and create a better future for the company.


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